The actual Titan Time Promotion


As Titan Poker opens its tournament table, the $20,000 cash prize is at stake. This will be a race tournament against the clock for that month of October. You are able to collect cash through the points you have generated. It’ll be a weekly race to occur inside 72 hours with two sets and the prize alloted is $2,500. And when that isn’t yet enough, it is possible to ascend your good results for poker tournament leaderboards.

The game goes through that. Players may ascend in the leaderboard cash and eventually win cash. This is the attractiveness of their promotion and funds players can compete in the tournament cases. For each of the race, it will be scheduled on different dates. You can become one of the top 40 players as you join the Titan Time. How’s that possible? If you’re planning in the top 40, you can aquire a greater bit of prize pot. Consequently an individual will earn more points.

In each set of races, the prizes will be issued on Mondays within the game rules. $2,500 is the total prize in each race. The leaderboards are updated every half an hour. All will be based on around the machine time. The account of the player are only frozen once he is found soft playing or colluding in the game.

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